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Girls of Rotterdam: Carol

Carol, Rotterdam, 2018/2021
Agfa Clack/Fomapan 100/Caffenol
artist print on Zunow HI-Q BS111 (expired in the late 80s)/homemade ID-14
13 x 18 cm (including borders)

price € 234 175 each, excluding shipping
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To all my viewers & followers in the Netherlands: Happy King’s Day!

Announcement, Not Yet For Sale

Notatki poznańskie, VIII

Ruben-van Luijk-2

Most Bolesława Chrobrego, Poznań, 2019
Agfa Clack/Fomapan 100/Caffenol
artist print on Forte Dokubrom (long expired) + Caffenol², 2020
43 x 23 cm

Upcoming in June: my first solo-exposition. Plus artist book!
Notatki poznańskie/Poznań Notes
4-26 June somewhere in October
Łazega Poznański, Święty Marcin 75, Poznań

That is, if the prints arrive in time. They were sent by mail from Lviv months ago but got stuck in postal limbo… And still are… To be continued…